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Do you want to connect, collaborate, 
or just elevate yourself and other genius women?

Say yes and  we invite you to become a member for an inspiring, sparking and innovative network for all women and female energy driven projects who believe in their dreams and forces.

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This community is a co-creation, networking and intermediation platform 

for all women and all who identify themselves as such (her/she, they/them). Tell your stories here, share your service offerings, your requests and ideas with each other. Find the support you need in our community, meet inspiring people and connect with them!


The femalesoulcollective is a vision for a new world where we engage in the expression of feminine energy, support each other in bringing our talents, desires, passions, ideas and heart project into this world and become visible. 


Today we live in a time where we are allowed to transform patriarchal conditioning, structures and the feeling of separation. Today, more than ever, we need courageous people, new communities and holistic, humanistic concepts that create contemporary values and enable everyone to live from them.  


Each of us carries something unique within us that we can use to inspire and support each other. With this new step of a hybrid (personal and digital) community, let's give much newness to our female collective,

by creating an appreciative and creative space here and inviting many others to join us.


We are strong, we are fierce, we are creative,

we are talented and above all we are not alone! 

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Inspiring and encouraging stories and content from our transforming lives

Until the end of November

register free of charge!

Wisdom-Membership (unlimited reading and networking) and Business-Membership (promote your services, offers, events and courses) can register free of charge until the end of November and publish their offers 'permanently free of charge' under ‚Services!'

In December we will introduce a monthly subscription model to cover our expenses and to invest in the further development of our portal.


More information will follow.

What exactly is the femalesoulcollective?

We are a networking community with the goal to experience and make transformation, change, healing, health, vocation and joy of life possible through mutual support! This femalesoulcollective offers you a digital platform and the opportunity to connect and support each other in living the life that fulfills you.

what we are

Community network 

for all women (her/she, they/them) who identify with feminine energy, want to inspire others and be inspired.


Transformation Network

for all who are interested in healing, transformation, development, vocation and holistic approaches.


Business builder platform for entrepreneurs,  

Self-employed people and companies who want to provide their services to their target audience. 

we are healers

Find your suitable 

Service offers and offer them to others in our sparking community: 

Everything that serves to support individual development and healing processes of body, mind and soul is welcome here. 


And that is very much in our time today!

we have

This is important to us:


  • Authenticity

  • With and for each other mentality

  • Power of resonance

  • Protected Circle-Power

  • Women's wisdom - empowerment

  • Appreciative togetherness


(not a sect or religious denomination)

we are storytellers

Tell your story! 


Because your experiences can also help others to follow their unique path.


Write to us, and we will discuss which form

form suits you best. (Blog article, interview on the blog or podcast).

save the date

You want to stay up to date on what community member offers are taking place in your area?


The femalesoulcollective offers all business members (free of charge until November) the opportunity to advertise their events, online events and courses, seminars, workshops, etc. via events and newsletter announcements. 


In our group chats you can additionally point out your favorite offers and events of you and also external providers.

listen to your inner calling 

You have a new business idea, want to change your career, but don't really know how?


The femalesoulcollective offers everyone the opportunity to support each other in this community with their own service offerings, coaching, mentoring and training, to successfully follow their own path into vocation. 

we are

Find partners, supporters, co-creators and companions for your ideas and projects!


Become a

co-creator of the femalesoulcollective!


We are happy about contributors and co-founders of this beautiful community.

we are communicators

Invitation to you: 


This platform is created for and through you. Let us shape, nourish and develop it together in a lively and active way.

Something like competitive thoughts should have no place here.


Let us cultivate a beautiful and appreciative togetherness in our groups!

what else?

We have a vision of a place where we make our world better together! You too? 

With this offer we want to create a contemporary space for all who are now on their way to a new world!

Your ideas are needed and welcome - support our idea and make it yours too.

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Share your favorite topics, people, knowledge, events and locations with our community.
Announcements and self-promotion are allowed.


Can't find a group that suits you? Then just open a new one!

Unsere Community-Chat-Gruppen sind für euch.  Hier ist Platz für eure Lieblingsthemen, -personen, -kenntnisse, -veranstaltungen und -orte mit unserer Community. Ankündigungen und Eigenwerbung sind erlaubt. 

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