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"Even as a child I knew that one day we would have to change this world"

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HP Psychotherapy (in training)

Shamanic Studies / Earth Medicine,
Energy consultant

Transformational coaching

The femalesoulcollective arose out of a deep heart's desire to connect worlds and people with one another and thus create a platform on which we can find, inspire and support each other in creating a future-oriented world - in love and connection to everything that is and will be.

I am designing this open space for you
and keep it because every seed, no matter how small, needs an "environment" in which it can thrive and grow protected & nourished in order to be able to show itself in individual perfection.


Even as a young girl I knew that we had to change this world. On the way to school, I stopped regularly to take animals that were run over from the road - so that they would not be run over again. Growing up in the country, nature and contact with animals were the most healing things for me.


These roots and my strong connection to life on this earth are still a source of energy and a place of retreat at the same time. It heals and nourishes us. If we learn from and with her, we can use her medicine to make healing possible for others. To do this, we have to change our way of life, unlearn conditioning and consciously redesign this space.


I am a woman who will heal her primal wounds, recapture her wildness, find her voice, restore her balance, bring her expression into this world and support others to do the same. I am sharing my energy with you because our female collective needs healing and we have a lot to do. Not a single gift, talent, story or experience is too much - it needs to be heard, shared and transformed.

We are a big collective that will remember by meeting each other

reflect, support and share everything we have already learned!

Let's have fun and let ourselves fall into ease and trust again - into an invisible web that carries us and heals us from a patriarchal world. Remember that we can be anything we can imagine.

And you no longer have to do all of this on your own. We are many!



Nicole Frerichs
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